Why join MACVB?

Striving to deliver exceptional value to its members, MACVB provides member bureaus with legislative information, continuing education and public recognition of the tourism and convention industry in Minnesota. The MACVB Dues structure is based on a sliding scale determined by the size of the annual CVB Budget.

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Enhanced Public Perception

MACVB exists to enhance the public perception that the role Convention & Visitors Bureaus play in generating benefit to the Minnesota economy through the promotion of travel.

Experienced Lobbyist

MACVB provides its members with the services of an experienced lobbyist who is familiar with the issues of the association members and works to resolve those issues in the best interests of the industry. The lobbyist not only monitors and responds to issues as they emerge from the Legislature or from state agencies, but also supports members in addressing issues of significance to a local CVB.

Community of over 70 CVBs

MACVB represents over 70 Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) in the state of Minnesota who serve a constituency representing lodging, campgrounds, restaurants, transportation services, convention facilities, attractions, as well as the retail and commercial resources that are important to visitors.

Education & Support

MACVB provides education to its members and staff in a variety of ways, including a monthly e-newsletter and a weekly legislative report while the legislature is in session. Each year MACVB hosts the Summit Educational Conference in June and the annual meeting in October. These events are hosted in a member city to promote networking and area involvement.

Fee Schedule

  • $50,000 & under

    $340 / year

  • $50,001-$100,000

    $410 / year

  • $100,001-$250,000

    $450 / year

  • $250,001-$500,000

    $600 / year

  • $500,001-$1 Million

    $815 / year

  • $1 Million+ to $2 Million

    $1270 / year

  • Over $2 Million

    $1645 / year

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