MACVB Member Engagement Strengthens Organization

Last month my message was about engaging with the association as a member. With a month flying by in the blink of an eye, I reflected on the strong engagement from our membership regarding the Tourism Improvement Districts. Your participation in the conversation and survey was exceptional and valuable. Your feedback has made a difference in the bill language that has been making its way through hearings this week. This is a good reminder that the Public Policy Committee is in full swing tracking movements regarding MACVB’s policy priorities. You are welcome to join in on those meetings. Many people have found this as a great learning ground for public affairs, and many soon build a comfort level working with elected officials. Simply let Bill Deef, Public Policy Committee Chair, or Deb McMillan know if you are interested.

Back to participating MACVB Members. Thank you to all of you who submitted items for MACVB’s Annual Silent Auction. A special thanks to Deb McMillan for her behind the scenes work and to Tim Zunker and the Silent Auction Committee members. The small, but mighty, team pulled together an incredible selection of items for the silent auction. Please participate by sharing the link to the online silent auction with your community and of course by bidding on items. This is our largest fundraiser of the year. Let’s hit our goal of $25,000! 

Thank you for all of your tireless work in your communities. Collectively it makes difference for our great state. I look forward to sharing that gratitude with all of you in person. In the meantime, March brings us closer to warmer days and opportunities to further open up our doors for our visitors.  

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