November 2019


Goal setting, strategic planning, business plans; it’s that time of year where we look to the future and start formulating a plan for the next year.  These meetings can be extremely valuable and grow the success of an organization.   The MACVB Board recently went through a Strategic Planning session and I would like to share a few things I took away from that process.

We have a FANTASTIC board.  There’s great chemistry and camaraderie amongst board members and it’s really an enjoyable board to be a part of.  We are comfortable enough to challenge each other’s perspectives respectfully as we continue to have the same end goal of growing and strengthening the organization.

The team we have assembled with Dee as our Executive Director and Todd Hill and Tony Kwilas as our lobbyists are top notch.  They are well-respected in our industry as well as other industries and with the Board’s guidance have assisted us in moving in the right direction to advocate and advance Minnesota’s destination marketing industry.

We’ve come a long way!  We’ve done some great things to grow our organization over the last couple of years and it’s paying off.  Financially, we’re healthy.  We have strong committee leadership and engaged committees.  We are continuing to see year over year growth in membership, and have done some work responding to the needs of our members through the Benefits and Compensation Survey and the “Growing Tourism Leadership” webinar that we collaborated with the University of Minnesota Tourism Center on.

We’ve accomplished great things this year!  I’ll highlight some things we’ll be looking at doing in 2020 next month! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Stephanie Busiahn, 2019 Board Chair

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