From MACVB Lobbyist, Todd Hill/Hill Capitol Strategies

As we move further away from the May 2018 adjournment of the Minnesota Legislature, attention turns from committee work and floor votes to door-knocking, fundraising events, endorsements and elections. The 2018 Legislative Session was primarily focused on the passage of a bonding bill, federal tax conformity and supplemental spending.  The Dayton Administration was unable to reach a consensus with the legislature on either supplemental spending or tax conformity. They were successful in passing a bipartisan bonding bill which invested more than $1.4 billion into Minnesota’s infrastructure.

With the legislature adjourned we are hearing several cities and counties are looking for ways to better regulate short-term vacation rentals.  Local governments struggle to balance the property rights of owners along with the concerns of neighbors.  Research suggests the number of properties available from online sources such as VRBO is exploding.  Local governments are looking at a variety of issues from property classifications as they relate to property taxes, the collection of sales and lodging taxes and regulations related to health and public safety.

The Minnesota Primary is August 14th.  Minnesota Law now allows Minnesota voters to vote early for any reason.  This year there are numerous primary elections on both the DFL and GOP sides of the ballot.  You can vote early at your local government offices or request a mail-in ballot from the MN Secretary of State’s office.  The following link will take you to the Secretary of State’s website where a ballot can be requested:

Candidates for State seats are showing up local parades or community events.   Make sure you take the time to introduce yourself to your local elected officials and candidates.  This is a wonderful time to build relationships and educate others about your organization and the staffing industry in Minnesota.

Enjoy the Dog Days of Summer!

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