MACVB Process for Taking a Position or Action

MACVB Process for Taking a Position or Action


The MACVB Board of Directors may consider endorsing a public policy initiative proposed by a business, organization or individual.  Any policy given consideration must be consistent with the following:

  • It has substantial impact on the tourism industry, making a significant contribution toward improving business environment.
  • It must be consistent with the MACVB’s efforts on key priority issues, the organization’s strategic plan and mission.
  • It must be within the charge of MACVB or handle it as a recommendation to another group or individuals.
  • It must have member commitment based on feedback received by members.

A policy approved by MACVB’s Board of Directors gives the sponsor (if any) the right to use the organization’s name under circumstances specified by the Board.  It may or may not commit the MACVB to actively lobby and/or use its members or network in support of this initiative.

The Board of Directors has final authority on adoption of policy.

Policy Process

  • An issue is identified, or a request made to MACVB to develop a policy or endorse a project
  • The Board of Directors shall assign the issue to the Public Policy Committee and/or lobbyist or form a temporary task force to research and provide facts regarding the policy.
  • The committee (or a task force) and lobbyist will conduct the necessary research, collect the facts, list pros and cons and make a recommendation to the Public Policy Committee.
  • The Public Policy Committee will support, modify or reject the recommendation.  If approved, the recommendation is forwarded on to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors approves, modifies or rejects the recommendation.  If it is approved, the recommendation is adopted as policy.

Once a policy is adopted, the Board of Directors shall:

  • Determine the notification process
  • Provide action of implementation
  • Monitor progress of implementation

Guidelines for Action

Before MACVB takes a position on, expends resources for, or includes an issue in the business plan, it must be tested by the following guidelines:

  1. Does the issue comply with the mission and objectives of MACVB?
  2. Is the issue industry oriented, having an impact on tourism in Minnesota?
  3. Is involvement with the issue cost-effective?  MACVB may act on an issue if required resources can be justified and if an obtainable goal may be reasonably expected.
  4. Is involvement with the issue a duplication of effort?  MACVB may act on an issue individually or in cooperation with other organizations if it can be demonstrated that MACVB’s participation will enhance the efforts and not be duplicative of other organizations or individuals.
  5. Have the appropriate committees considered the issue?